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a way from


However convoluted it may seem to ask the free-roaming human where his roots may be, all of us tap into a sprawling network which covers many seas. More akin to the wiring system on a century-old switchboard, our migratory roots which previously fuelled the canopy of experience, now shrivel under the hostility of 2020’s deciduous season.


render realms


‘Render Realms’, is a project conceived through a psychogeographical approach to the Czech capital, Prague. Caught in the Central European crossroads, Prague has experienced a cyclic wave of prosperity and occupation, leaving behind an expansive mosaic tended by many hands - both hostile and friendly.


cemeteries in bohemia


A visual response to

‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’

by Milan Kundera


light on water

Malmö | Prague


‘Light on Water’ is an impressionistic photo-series, shot over the course of 2017 between Malmö and Prague. Split from any recognisable objectivity, these dream-like depictions revolve around an aura which is driven by the semiotic embodiment of light on water. Be it either in a river or sea, water has long been seen as a symbol for the subconscious – the internal world we are unaware of. ‘Light on Water’ paints this world we cannot see by manipulating the world we usually view at 24 frames per second. Much like the subconscious lies just out of reach of our cognitive abilities, this “unperceivable” world lies beyond the constraints of our perception.


Render Realms | Invalidovna 2019


Amidst Blooming Rails | Place167  2018

Amidst Blooming Rails-7.jpg

Entropic Tales of Time | The Solution. 2018


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