(b. 1995, New Zealand) Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.


Taking the stance that photography is a membrane separating the internal and external world, my personal work focuses on how we conceptualise ourselves in relation to the world around us. Emphasising this spatial dimension, I combine photography with various mapmaking techniques to explore the surrounding environment.


For a number of years, I have been involved in the ‘Leštnice’ collective based in the Czech Republic which runs a series of programs and research with a strong emphasis on artistic, innovative, and sustainable approaches towards exploring the environment. For more information, visit

Solo Exhibitions
08.2019 | Render Realms, Invalidovna, Prague, Czech Republic

09.2018 | Amidst Blooming Rails, Място 167, Sofia, Bulgaria
05.2018 | Entropic Tales of Time, the solution, Prague, Czech Republic

Group Exhibitions

09.2020 | 'The next generation - artists from either side' at Kulturbrücke, Fratres, Austria.

11.2019 | Exhibition of ‘Summer School Mayres: Spiritual Experiment and Art in Practice 2019’ in                        collaboration with Leštnice collective at Torhaus Wehlen, Germany

03.2019 | Perceptions, Loosen Art, Rome, Italy

12.2018 | Künstler jagen Jäger, Charley’s Palace, Berlin, Germany

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