(b. 1995, New Zealand) Currently studying Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.


My initial intrigue with photography started with its inherent coupling of perception and memory, which I used to trace where I had been. As questions about the selective nature of what I was doing gradually revealed themselves, the photographic thread which was trailing behind began to take over, pulling me along with it. 


No matter what people say about the dying industry of photography, the language of images have never found a more fitting home than in the so-called “post-truth” era, where you can essentially frame the world any way you please. Although I am apprehensive about this, the ability to curate the perceptual experience of the real world into any number of fragmented and communicable worlds stands at the very centre of our individualistic society. Through my practice, I have a strong desire to stitch aesthetically perceived moments into a form of reflective escapism.

Solo Exhibitions
08.2019 | Render Realms, Invalidovna, Prague, Czech Republic

09.2018 | Amidst Blooming Rails, Място 167, Sofia, Bulgaria
05.2018 | Entropic Tales of Time, the solution, Prague, Czech Republic

Group Exhibitions

11.2019 | Exhibition of ‘Summer School Mayres: Spiritual Experiment and Art in Practice 2019’ in                        collaboration with Gojo collective at Torhaus Wehlen

03.2019 | Perceptions, Loosen Art, Rome, Italy

12.2018 | Künstler jagen Jäger, Charley’s Palace, Berlin, Germany

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