Entropic Tales of Time

Prague | 11.05 - 16.06 | 2018

This series of photos gives a round-the-room representation of the stand-alone, intermedia installation displayed at the ‘the solution.’ in Prague, created in collaboration with Chavdar Angelov and Isabell Alexandra M. Displayed in a spatially oriented manner, the site-specific installation featured a short story, a collection of poems and b+w images from the ongoing project Времеврат – Vremevrat’. All medial elements were applied in a continuous flow of paper through the room in an interactive atmosphere, in which one can unravel the overarching ideas of the project.


While photography accentuates on the beauty, peculiarity and harshness of the local world, it melts down the linear perception of present, future and past. Stories submerge into the human psyche exploring the diagrammatic nature of evolution, toying with concepts yet unpinned to the wall of absolution.

texts by                           Chavdar Angelov

photographs by             Jack Laing Aiken

exhibition design by      Isabell Alexandra M.


Excerpts from the poetic and imagery content presented in Prague

replenishment of starving souls
how dear have our dreams become
awareness is boisterous and steady
like a mourning wife whose infant twins
dismayed the laws of subatomic parity
while their savage father sits in alien bars
and wearily translates insanity
to disorientated resin-dripping bards
whose eco-shirts were ripped
when their mental cargo ship
was clenched by post-metabolism beasts


oh--great economy of mind
calculate for me this visual complexity
how grand it stands
how treacherous it grows
hot neuron fur which swiftly stirs
above the murmur of mundanity
incongruous is the thought
of being cognitively locked
in a particular reality


seamless children made of light
deranged graffiti in their bedrooms
raisins plunged in cobalt carrot cakes  
too much too-muchness--syphons
of grotesque regrettable illusions
nothing sinister awaits outside
but visitors of holographic chastity

burned by the fern in the backyard
I yearned for a sister to spawn
from the depths of my own cemetery
a glaring dawn--cerebral steam
you are glorious when you lean towards me
stomping the earth I sink in your skirts
beware the moons that sprung from my breath
there is never a time to be clinically dead


we arrive at life as claustrophobic klepto-princes

euphoric princesses who--neonate and solemn

bathe in the sacred serum of electric jelly quinces

at the upper edges of their fragile spinal columns


with the plasmic evocation of our senses
we blindly wobble out of ancient aeries

ambience--abiding not to some pretences

traversing through subjective prairies


to be ineffable is merely a prerequisite

to hyperconscious--luminous conditions

you are a child of your anger and the spirits

inhaling art with the tremor of its self-ignition

Excerpts from ‘The Boy and the Pool’, a short story and photographic collection also featured in the exhibition

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