Render Realms

‘Render Realms’, is a project conceived through a psychogeographical approach to the Czech capital, Prague. Caught in the Central European crossroads, Prague has experienced a cyclic wave of prosperity and occupation, leaving behind an expansive mosaic tended by many hands - both hostile and friendly.

With such an array of historical contribution, a distinctive impression ceases to exist. Instead lies a city with many loose threads, for which one who enters becomes entangled in its visual complexity.


public installation

In 1956, Guy Debord formulated the psychogeographical practice – “the dérive”, or the drift, where one’s own psychological impressions act as the compass to explore a city. Finding myself caught within this mirage of gothic arches and brutalist lairs, the dérive became my means to unravel its visual complexity - piecing together pockets of the city from my photographic trail to build a visual memory.

08.2019 | Installation of Render Realms, Invalidovna, Prague, Czech Republic

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