Bangsbo Bunkers

During my school days in New Zealand, I used to love escaping the confines of the boarding house to the nearby bunkers where I would go on an almost daily basis, clearing my head with the consistently strong Wellington winds. Ever since this period of my life, I’ve had an obsession with bunkers, but never have I come across a set with such an intense historical aura surrounding it.

The Bangsbo Fortress was initially built during the German occupation of Denmark during World War II, with a further 10 bunkers being added by the Danish Navy in 1950 during the Cold War. Today, you wonder around the peaceful setting, dodging the occasional pile of sheep poo, and the not so occasional army of Spanish Slugs (which I am sad to say, seem to have successfully occupied the fortress). Here a friendly Danish woman warned me against following in my Kiwi ways of going without shoes, not because these slugs are dangerous, but because they are simply gross.

There is no need to be a history geek to enjoy this place. Simply cruising around the seemingly never-ending relics will leave you with a brain full of inspiration for days to come. We went thinking we would maybe spend an hour there, but ended up getting lost in a kind of meditative trance for three hours before snapping back to reality.

- Shot on Canon A-1, 50mm with Kodak GOLD 200 35mm film

#Denmark #Analog