New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new city comes with a whole variety of challenges, most importantly (for me at least), is finding out what stimulates your photographic eye. I had been to Prague in the middle of winter last year and absolutely loved the monochromatic frozen city with all of its gothic glory. This time however, I arrived in the blistering inferno which is Prague during the summer. With an equal level of disorientation coming from the incredibly colourful city which engulfed me, as well as my melting brain, I knew I had some exploring to do.

Whenever I am feeling slightly mentally lost, I usually find it helpful to get physically lost. Somehow this double negative allows your brain to put things together as you are forced to focus on the detail of each corner, door, or football stadium you come across. My physical bearings are definitely stronger than my photographic bearings here, but frame by frame I am slowly gaining an understanding of why this city makes my tick.

- Shot on Canon A-1, 50mm with Kodak Portra 400 35mm film