Времеврат (Vremevrat) is an on-going collaborative project which will feature a series of site-specific installations, the first of which, 'Entropic Tales of Time' was presented in May 2018, in Prague. In September, 'Amidst Blooming Rails' was exhibited at Място167, Sofia.


Bulgaria, where the photographs were taken, is the geographical basis for the project. Exploring an array of possible events within fictionalised historical moments, the project fuses short stories, poems and photographs into an abstract intermedia experience.


While traversing the topology of time, the project attempts to envision the reach of evolution and challenge our perception of the human condition - touching upon concepts, such as the extent of free will, the nature of reality and the perceptual subjectivity of time.

texts by                         Chavdar Angelov

photographs by           Jack Laing Aiken